3 Circumstances that Make HVAC Duct Cleaning Absolutely Necessary

It’s easy to sway homeowners’ minds towards HVAC duct cleaning as there has been an inflation in concern about the indoor air quality in the country. Needless to say that this popular concern has also been in debate. Some say that it isn’t all that important and some say that it’s imperative to get HVAC duct cleaned – both sides to a point, can be hailed true.
The crux of the matter is that unless your house’s air ducts are really dirty, you don’t need to bother getting them cleaned. The reasons why you must get HVAC ducts cleaning done are:
Home Renovation
A great time to have your air ducts cleaned is after you’ve got your home renovated or remodeled. Removal of old asbestos and lead painting during renovation may leave harmful elements in your air ducts. It also causes a significant amount of dust to rise and settle in the air ducts.
A dangerous amount of debris and dust gets collected in the air ducts during renovations. If the openings of the air ducts weren’t concealed before the renovation started, that makes it absolutely necessary to get HVAC duct cleaning done post home renovation.
Animal Infestations and Molds
If you suspect an animal infestation or nesting in your HVAC units then you need to have the animal(s) removed and get the ducts cleaned properly. If you notice foul odor being released into the room, this may mean that either molds or animals have made your HVAC duct their home. If there’s a visible mold growing inside the vents, then also you must get your HVAC duct cleaned. Air ducts that have mold growths can release infectious air. And infectious air can be the culprit for allergies and certain major health problems. This brings us to our last reason.
Unidentified Causes of Illness & Allergies
If someone in your family (or workplace) has been taken ill due to unknown reasons or if someone (or more than one) is showing signs of allergy and the cause is unexplained then you best believe that it’s because of infectious air. In such cases too you should get the HVAC ducts checked and cleaned.

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