Adverse Health Effects of Mold Growth in your Home

If you live in Atlanta and your house if old and damp, there is a high chance that mold might have been formed somewhere in your house, for that is exactly the kind of environment that molds thrive in. This calls for an immediate mold remediation from Atlanta based firms to get rid of them. While many might dismiss it as usual occurring, the truth is that mold can cause serious health hazards if went unchecked.

Exposure to moldy environments can cause a variety of health effects such as nasal stiffness, eye irritation, throat irritation, coughing, and skin irritation. Some people are highly allergic to mold, and it might result in exposure to fore serious health infractions such as lung illnesses.

In 2004, the Institute of Medicine found sufficient evidence to link respiratory tract problems, cough and sneezing issues in healthy persons to growth of mold in the surroundings, especially people with cases of asthma. They also got their hands on some suggestive evidence that linked exposure to dampness in indoor areas to shortness of breath and respiratory problems in otherwise healthy children, which in turn was a way to potential development of asthma in persons with no history of asthma.

The World Health Organization, in 2009, issued a detailed guideline on how to check indoor air quality and the affected conditions of individuals living in the vicinity of mold growths. Many independent studies showed striking evidence that mold exposure was particularly acting as a catalyst to development of asthma in young kids.

Mold can be found both in indoors and on the outdoors of a home. They can invade your home via openings such as windows, vents and air conditioning systems.  They might also get attached to pets or clothing and get carried indoors, where they settle and thrive in a damp area. It is necessary to fully scribble the mold growth and wipe them clean to prevent them from rapidly multiplying in case some of it is left behind, hence hiring a professional to remove mold is a must.

Usual spots for mold growth are dark and wet areas with moisture. As molds avoid brightly lit areas or sunlit areas, they can be found around leaking rooftops, windows, pipes, wallpapers, insulations, dusty areas, fabric and upholstery. If you find any mold infestation in any part of your home, no matter how small it might be, call a mold remediation firm immediately to take care of them before they get a chance to do any damage or grow further.


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