Crawl Space Dehumidifier: A Simple Solution for Moisture & Humidity Issue

We often experience a horrible odor emanating from our basements as soon as we open the doors. Or have noticed water droplets on the floor joists or duct work while changing our air filter. This happens due to imbalanced humidity levels in the crawl spaces.

If you store valuable stuff in your basement (or even the attic) you should take account of the humidity, as some materials are prone to extensive damage sure to harsh humidity. It’s essential for the crawl spaces to maintain a perfect balance of moisture in the air, failure to maintain this balance can lead to some severe consequences such as musty and stale odors, breeding of molds and spores, and can even make it difficult for your home to efficiently heat and/or cool. So how can you prevent these consequences?

Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

Initially, it was believed that crawl spaces were damp and awful smelling because they lacked proper ventilation. Now, however, we know that the treatment of basements should be exactly how we treat any other room in our house. We need to seal, protect, and fit them with humidifiers.

Crawl space humidifiers are effective units designed to keep the level of humidity in check in spaces that are prone to dampness. These units usually have rugged exteriors, probably because they’re required to be kept out of sight and deal with harsh indoor climate (be it extremely cold or humid).

Factors to Keep in Mind while Buying these Units

A few things that you should keep in mind before buying a dehumidifier for your crawl space:

  • Find out the size of a dehumidifier that will best suit your crawl space’s condition. You need to figure out what capacity unit your crawl space needs, based on the square foot of your basement space and the level of moisture.
  • Decide what type of unit fits your need – depending on the kind of moisture problem – a persistent moisture problem or a one-time issue caused by a leaky roof, faulty drain or a burst pipe.
  • For a permanent problem, you’ll need a permanent solution, i.e. a permanent dehumidifier with a continuous drain pump.
  • For a temporary problem, a temporary solution such as a portable dehumidifier would do the job.

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