Why Crawl Space Encapsulation Is Important For Your Home?

No matter where you live, if you have a crawl space that hasn’t been attended to for years, chances are ripe that snakes, rodents, insects may have taken up residence there. Chances may also be that your crawl space has a perennial moisture problem which had left your crawl space damp or even flooded due to a leaking pipe which you haven’t paid attention to. Such a situation is a haven for mold and mildew. Crawl spaces have been a very popular thing because of the convenience they provided. These basements provide easy access to plumbing and air ducts. But the string of problems which come with a crawl space if left to fend for itself is worse and disgusting.

One of the common complaints which crawl space solutions companies in Atlanta come across are musty or foul odors which emanate from crawl spaces and flood the rooms above. Such odors are created due to the accumulation of moisture which paves the way for mold to grow and rot to develop in the wooden beams in the crawl space. Since about half of the air in your home seeps through the crawl spaces, you are exposed to the rotten and smelly air which may spark an allergic reaction in your body.

Crawl spaces if not properly insulated can result in a significant amount of heat to escape from your home. Cold air from crawl spaces can easily engulf your home and make a mess of the room temperature. To get rid of these problems, it is imperative to take the help of a crawl space solution providers and get your crawl space encapsulated. Encapsulation refers to proper sealing off the vents and doors which grant access to pests and insects. The process includes lining the floors and the walls with a polyethylene liner. Before the encapsulation process is done, humidity should be removed from the crawl space with a dehumidifier. Crawl space encapsulation will make the home more energy-efficient. Sealing the air vents will keep off the summer heat and the winter cold, besides making your home a cleaner and healthier space.


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