Survive the Risk of Lung Cancer by Doing Radon Testing

The secret to healthy living is prevention from known risks in and around the areas we live. A healthy mind and healthy body is very capable of taking on the world. We might be careful of the health risks that persist around the areas we spend most of time, but what about the risks that are unknown to us up till now?

One such problem that has been in question for a long time now, is cancer risk due to radon gas. Radon gas leads to lung cancer that has been the reason for about 21000 deaths in US in the past years. However, you can now thank your stars that science has advanced enough to make the radon testing easy and possible for our homes. Radon mitigation can easily be applied to our homes in order to reduce the risk of lung cancer.

When the odorless, invisible radon gas is breathed in, it enters the lungs and exposes them to contamination. This damages the cells in the lining of the lungs over a period of time and increases your risk of lung cancer. The risk of lung cancer is higher in those who have lived for many years in a radon-contaminated house.

The easiest way for radon mitigation is to hire a professional for doing the test of your home, or if you feel this is something that you would want to do on your own then the kit is easily available in hardware stores and online. All you have to do is to read the process of radon testing and apply it word by word.

In case the level of radon gas turns out to be high then the simplest way of reducing it is to get a vent pipe system and a fan installed. This pulls out the radon from beneath the house and throws it outside.


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