How To Take Care Of Your Crawl Space?

Do you remember the last time you peeped into your crawl space to take stock of its situation? Crawl spaces are the most overlooked parts of a home. They are often left to fend for themselves. For a safe and healthy home, it is essential that your crawl space is in good nick and goes through a periodic maintenance plan from a crawl space solutions expert in Atlanta. Otherwise, it can be a recipe for disaster. Without your slight knowledge, your crawl space will turn out to be a haven for pests, mold, and rodents. These elements can cause havoc to your underground space and even damage the foundation of the wooden structure.

Mold growth coupled moisture damage can weaken the support beams and the foundation walls. Poor insulation will add fuel to the fire by allowing drastic changes in temperature which will foment the accumulation of moisture and affect your heating and cooling systems since they will work harder to tackle the influx of hot and cold air coming from underneath. This foul air emanating from the bottom of your house can affect children and adults and cause breathing difficulties and asthma.

To get rid of such a hellish situation, you need to take necessary steps to keep it in excellent condition or dial a crawl space solutions expert in Atlanta. Here’s how you should proceed with them.

Firstly, you have to thoroughly clean your crawl space. Water leaking portions should be taken care of first. Such problems should be eliminated. Also to be dealt with a firm hand is the problem of infestation of rodents and pests. Ventilation and exclusion is the second step. Ventilation is necessary for sufficient airflow, but you should also take note of the unnecessary holes and gaps that can allow pests or rodents to infest the area. Proper plugging of these entrance points and a good ventilation will keep pest and moisture at bay.

Installation of vapor barrier constitutes the third step. This consists of lining the crawl space walls and floors with thick layers of plastic to prevent moisture from accumulating in your crawl space. Once the vapor barrier is installed, the fourth step begins with insulating the crawl space with caulk and spray foam. Spray foam insulation prevents mold growth and accumulation of moisture owing to its good sealing capabilities. With proper maintenance of your crawl space, you will experience low energy bills, clean and fresh air and a structurally sound house.

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