Here Is What I Was Taught About Indoor Air Quality Assessment

We are one of those couples who love to plan their life in advance. Like the other major decisions we made, shifting into a new home once our baby was about a year old, was an important one. My husband had already started surfing on the internet for homes once our baby was born and within a span of one year we found one that fits in our budget.

We decided to shift into our new home a month before my daughter’s first birthday so that we could settle in and plan her first birthday without any hassles. Everything was going as planned and I had very little time left to myself in between looking after my daughter and furnishing the new place. I could have never imagined what was in store for us.

A few days after we had shifted, my daughter started feeling uneasy and started coughing a lot. At first I thought it was some normal allergy and I gave her the concerned medication after consulting her pediatrician. But the problem persisted even after the recommended dosage was over. I got a second opinion on the problem but that was of no use to us. This was now starting to worry me and like any other child in problem I made a desperate call to my mother.

She immediately recollected that I had undergone the same issues when we shifted to a new home and it was only after my dad got indoor air quality assessment done for the house that they realized that the allergens present in the air were causing this problem. She suggested me to undergo the same process to see if the root cause of the problem could be discovered.

I immediately sat with my laptop and looked on the internet for the companies with good reviews on indoor air quality assessments in the neighborhood. They set up an appointment to visit our place the same day and the assessment was made the next day. To be on the safe side I shifted to my mother place while we awaited the reports on the assessment.

As anticipated, the problem of pollen and allergens was present in the air and they immediately got into the process without wasting any time. I would always be thankful to my mother for his expertise on these subjects.

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