Why You Should Buy a Home in the Suburbs

Ah, suburbia: soccer moms driving minivans, an array of cookie cutter houses and chain restaurants everywhere, what’s not to love? The suburbs have held the negative stigma of being a boring, far-from-the-city area where no one wants to live, but the reality is that suburbs have changed. Yes, you’ll still find soccer moms and some cookie cutter homes, but you’ll also discover an exciting life outside the city. With so many reasons to live in the suburbs, we’ve narrowed it down to a few of the biggest reasons you need to move out of the city.


  • The Food Scene: We know, we know, the city has some of the top restaurants in the entire state. But some of the suburbs north of Atlanta have award-winning chefs running successful restaurants, too. Roswell is known for its delicious dining options and nearly every suburb has its own square. We suggest checking out Alpharetta Square for awesome shopping and local eats
  • Cost of Living: With city living comes city expenses. Living in a suburb frees up cash to actually experience life as opposed to spending all your money on bills. After all, what’s the point of living in the city if you can’t enjoy it?
  • The Great Outdoors: Do you want to be surrounded by traffic or trees and mountains? The suburbs are close to beautiful mountains and hiking trails in addition to urban bike trails. We don’t know about you, but we’re not willing to ride on the streets of Atlanta!
  • Family Friendly: The suburbs not only typically offer great school systems, they tend to be safer than the city. Another perk of living in a suburb is easy access to everything. Within a five mile radius, you can likely find local and chain restaurants, a movie theater, bars, a few schools and a library. If you have a family, the suburbs are the perfect place for you

We highly suggest re-examining living in the suburbs. There are all kinds of perks and it’s certainly more affordable than trying to buy in Atlanta. Good luck!

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