Five Simple Tips for Winterizing Your Home this Season

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As the temperature cools down and we begin to cover ourselves with blankets, coats, and thick socks, we must not forget to winterize our homes as well. Winterization is simply a method of retaining heat and energy so we’re not wasting resources in the winter and spending more money than we need to. Although Atlanta new homes are built to protect you and your family from the cold, there are always ways to reduce energy costs. Here are our tips to correctly winterize your home this season:


  1. Bubble wrap your windows. While a seemingly odd way of protecting your home from drafts, it truly works! Simply tape bubble wrap to your windows; we suggest doing this in rooms with the largest open spaces, such as kitchens, to maximize your savings. You’ll still get all the natural light without the cold air.
  2. Close off all rooms that aren’t being used. This tip is taken straight out of the 1800s when houses were being warmed by wood stoves and there was a door to every room. Housing layouts were designed this way to conserve energy and keep the house warm – a tactic you can still use today in your new homes in Georgia.
  3. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans. This is a simple way of forcing the warm air in a room downward and dispels the cold air up toward the ceiling.
  4. Make sure your fireplace is completely closed. If your Union City or McDonough City home comes complete with a fireplace, ensure the flue is completely closed to avoid warm air from escaping and unintentionally bringing in cold air.
  5. Purchase a programmable thermostat. There’s no use heating an empty house; make sure you’re not wasting heat this winter by turning your thermostat off while away at work or on vacation. You can ensure you never forget this simple habit by purchasing a programmable thermostat. A small investment can lead to large savings!


These five simple tips can lead to hundreds of dollars in savings and what better time than now to get started! Before the winter cold picks up winterize your home today! Visit to speak to one of our new construction agents about how we’re building for the future of energy efficiency and a warmer home.

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